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pete talking about his suicide attempt for half of us

"The darkest moment was, uh… we had just finished recording our major label record and uh, two days later we were going to, um, Europe. And… I felt completely lost and out of control. At that point I’d seen some doctors and they’d kinda, like - they were Hollywood doctors. So they kinda, they gave me, like y’know, a cocktail but I kinda… was like the drug store cowboy. Kind of… took the cocktail the way I wanted to take it. So I, uh… I got in my car and I went and I, uh… I remember, I was listening to Jeff Buckley doing Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hum Hallelujah’ and sat there and took a bunch of Ativan. And, uh… [it was] in a Best Buy parking lot and I - and I called up my manager cause I, y’know, at that point was… completely out of my head with Ativan. And I was talking to him and I was slurring my words so he called my mom and my mom called me and she came and got me. And, we, uh… went to the hospital and then I came home…"



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Here’s a full list of what is wrong with the Girls/Girls/Boys video, why I find it problematic and why Brendon is a bad person:

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- not going to lie to you this time bandom, its blue rabbits fucking
Top 5 pictures of Patrick

this has just become patrick stump making weird faces spam im not sorry


oh mY GOD

I found it. my all time favorite picture of patrick.


I may have taken the best picture of Patrick Stump in existence.


i know god is at work on this planet when patrick sweats through his shirts and they become see through

n i p p l e s


and of course


I don’t know what’s happening here but it’s happening in hq. You’re welcome.



Top 5 favorite foods

um um um i have very specific stuff so

1. vanilla froyo with lots of kiwi and soft fruits

2. strawberry gelato

3. banana split dippin dots

4. cheese pizza from dominos

5. anything my bf makes because literally every meal he makes for me ends up being the best ive ever had like the best pasta or best pizza like wow how does he do that

Top fiiiiiive... Hmm.. Top five FOB quotes [:

im just gonna put patrick quotes bc this is difficult oh lord i had to go to wiki to make sure i didnt type them wrong

1. this ones for all the homies who couldn’t make it to the party

2. Quiet IS the new loud

3. See these guide arrows? Fuck you, guide arrows! Tell me to go that way? Fuck you (this video is wild)

4. Before lunch, and ultimately recess, I need you to know - you’re going to die.

5. dont just look at her ass eat it

Top five puppy breeds (with PICTURES)

i moved from mobile to my laptop just for this ask and i put this in reverse order but yea

1. dobermen aw


2. pugs aw look at that nerd

3. are huskies even real i just

4. shiba inus wow

5. and obvs shih tzus because i have one so


oh yeah andy ran stairs right by the m&g line and every time he got to the bottom he would wave and then he ran down the line and gave everyone a high five i love andy hurley

Top 5 songs you like but wish you didn't

oh god. i dont want to admit these
1. we cant stop
2. kiss you
3. anything one direction really (i had a deep, bad 1D phase)
4. beauty and the beat (the /only/ jb song i like)
5. shes so perfect

ask me ‘top 5’ anything

Top five bands

oh gosh umm
1. fall out boy
2. twenty one pilots
3. panic at the disco
4. coheed and cambria (i wish more people knew them on tumblr wow)
5. and as of right now bad suns are #5 woo
thanks uwu

ask me ‘top 5’ anything

as a bi girl I agree with your opinion completely and wholeheartedly

thank you thank you ah
like part of me was like woo girls kissing, but then i was no brendon no theyre not tools to make you look sexy or whatever ahh


I had Pete Wentz right over me at Monumentour

Tampa, FL



ok friends so i hit a goal and decided to celebrate and sorry this is so long i just have a lot of great mutuals and yeah!!! favs are bolded and tagged so yeah!! if i didnt include u it might just be that u changed ur url recently and i didnt recognize u bc im stupid and thoughtless


ahhhhh thank you 😁